Almost four years ago, a long, long queue meandered through the whole of Lundagård. The queue included disco tents, karaoke-a-la car wrecks, orchestral gigs and high-fives from the general. What was the queue for? Uppropet (the Roll Call), of course! And on January 30, it's time again.

In addition to being this year's first happening, it is at Uppropet that you:

1. Register as a carnivalist. All 32 sections are in place, ready to tell you more about their particular section.
2. Buy a ticket to Karneveljen - at least if you are one of the first 3000 people in the queue. And that is what you want to be, to be part of celebrating the Carnival Spring during a catastrophic Karnevelj.

Keep an eye on updates at Facebook and Instagram for more information.

See you in January!