Now it's your turn to be part of creating Lundakarnevalen 2022! Few things are as important and influential as the carnival's competitions, they permeate everything throughout the carnival and are something that visitors from near and far should have the opportunity to take part in. How fun does it not sound? The carnival has a bunch of competitions that are announced in the beginning of September, and to read more about each competition, just look further here on the page.

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The carnival poster is one of the oldest and most traditional features of Lundakarnevalen. In 1912, the very first came and has since been a standing carnival feature - maybe it will be you who makes the carnival poster 110 years later? The poster permeates everything throughout the carnival and reaches millions of people every carnival!

The competition is now closed.


Karnevalsmelodin will spread the carnivalistic feeling now and in the future. It will set to music everything from pre-parties to at home on the TV couch and reach out to tens of thousands of people. Contribute with your creative ability and compose the carnival!

The competition is now closed.


Eurovision Song Contest has one. The OS has one. The Nobel party has one. The ice cream car has one. Now it is YOUR turn to create Lundakarnevalens own overture that will represent the carnival in a variety of contexts.

The competition is now closed.

Small Amusments

If you are sitting on a clever script idea, this could be the competition for you! A Smånöje is a small performance of a creative kind with an audience of 50-150 people. The time required per performance is barely half an hour and rolls on at breakneck speed during the carnival days! What experience does the audience want to do?

The competition is now closed.

Tent Amusments

Join in shaping the carnival area! Through joy and mischief, our approximately 20 tent pleasures spread the carnivalistic joy to the visitors. A small group of visitors can for 5-10 minutes experience something they could never have imagined! You may remember the tent pleasure "See paradise" from -80 when the tent visitors were tricked out on paradise street outside the area and had to pay to enter again. Or maybe the tent "moon landing" from -14 when visitors got to experience a rocket launch that resulted in "moonade" and an ass in papier mache. What is your idea?

The competition is now closed.

Train Carriages

The train, Lundakarnavalen's oldest pleasure, shows what the carnivalists really stand for. Together we will march through central Lund in front of 450,000 visitors on the carnival weekend! What is your vision on a carriage or between crews in the Carnival train?

Key words for the competition: Inventive, humorous, memorable, challenging

Deadline: 30 November 2021

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A dinner will never be a proper event without the right songs. Now you have the chance to end up in the most sung book in Lund's history.

Genres: Schnapps song, Beer song, Wine song, Punch song, Non-alcoholic song, Other songs

Length: Just right to be able to sing

Key words for the competition: Joy, community, memories

Deadline: December 31, 2021

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A competition where everything between heaven and earth can be submitted, there are no stupid ideas. What do you want to see at Lundakarnevalen 2022?

Key words for the competition: Fun, Ingenuity

Deadline: 31 December 2021

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What fun that you want to participate in one of the Competitions for Lundakarnevalen 2022! It is probably one of the coolest competitions you will take part in: As a winner, your contribution will be estimated by 5,000 carnivalists, half a million visitors and probably the whole world through social media. In order to participate, you must accept the following competition conditions:

1. The winner wins carnivalistic splendor and glory, now and forever!

2. After you have submitted your entry to the competition, you may not publicly show, present or perform any part or all of the submitted entry without the written permission of Lundakarnevalen.

3. Lundakarnevalen acquires all rights to the winning competition entry and has an unlimited right to use it in all now known and future media.

4. Lundakarnevalen also has an unlimited right to freely change the winning competition entry and to transfer all or part of the rights to the entry to a third party.

By participating in the competition, you waive your right to be named in all performances of your entry.

Good luck!