The approaching Katastrofalkarnevalen consists of 32 different sections. Here you can read more about what the different sections have to offer.

Once you have created an idea of which catastrophic section you want to get involved in, you send in your application via this form.

Barnevalen (the Kids’ Carnival)BIT-KomBlädderiet (the Flickery)Cirkusen (the Circus) 
Dansen (the Dance)
The Economy SectionThe Entrance SectionFabriken (the Factory)The Film SectionFoodtrucks
Fontänen (the Fountain Tavern)Kabarén (the Cabaret)KrögerietKungshusetMediahuset (the Media House)
The Music SectionNedre kirurgenLundagårdRadion (the Radio Section)Revyn (the Revue)
Shoppen (the Shop)Showen (the Show)Smånöjerna (the Small Amusements)
Snaxeriet (the Snacksery)
Spexet (the Spex)Säkerhet (the Fire & Safety Section)Tombolan (the Tombola)Tåget (the Carnival Parade)
Tälten (the Tenterteinment Section)Vieriet (the “We-ery”)Övre kirurgen

Barnevalen (the Kids’ Carnival)

Barnevalen (the children's carnival) is the small carnival in the big Katastrofalkarnevalen. One of the great pleasures, but in addition to a fun-filled show, we also have our own small area with both tent fun and a café. Barnevalen is for both big and small, but perhaps most of all for children, or those who have a childish mind left! Here we create a mini carnival together and, who knows, maybe the carnival spark will ignite in the general for Lundakarnevalen 2042.

The management team will consist of Chief Financial Manager, Chief Communications Manager, Chief Security Manager and “We-ery” Chief, as well as Director and Small Pleasure/Area Chief.


BIT-Kom (an absolutely catastrophically fine combination of (B) tickets, (IT) and (KOM) communication) functions as a kind of center for the entire Lundakarnevalen! By providing all central information, administration, tickets, expedition and IT services to both carnivalists and visitors! In addition, the section is responsible for a benefactor system consisting of old foxes who voluntarily (!) Go in as guarantors in case Lundakarnevalen should go back - a system that has never had to be used since you started with it (!). Bit-Come is just the right section to join!

In the management group we have King FU, Chief Financial Manager, “We-ery” Chief, Internal Communications Manager (central to the entire Lundakarneval), Chief of Staff, Info/Exp Manager!

Blädderiet (The Flickery)

Writers, illustrators and wordsmiths - welcome to Blädderiet! The flipchart embraces the written word and all that it entails in printed form. This includes Karnevalstidningen (the carnival magazine), Programbladet (the program sheet), Barnboken (the children's book) and whatever our creativity can give us meaning to create. Creativity does not stop at letters - a large part of Blädderiet is Design & Layout, here the pages come to life. To make all this possible, Finance, Distribution and not least the community gang “We-ery” are key elements in Blädderiet <3

Management positions within Blädderiet is (drum roll.!.!.!): Layout, Advertisement (puns deluxe), Distribution, “We-ery”, Communication, Economy och Newspaper editor, Program sheet editor, Children's book editor.

Cirkusen (the Circus)

Elephants in Lundagård? A tiger in a tent? Everything is possible when Lundakarnevalen's Circus takes over Tegnérsplatsen at the end of May. We are a section where fun, plowing and stupid pranks are put in the first room and an obvious element in the Carnival area. Together we find solutions to problems we did not know we had and create memories and sawdust remnants that accompany us for the rest of our lives.

For our management team, we are mainly looking for a producer, a director and conductor. In addition to these heroes, we will also need kings who are passionate about organization, partying, fun and finances. We are looking for the sleepless elite - a gang that is willing to give everything for stupidity, bullshit and pleasure, to get back pleasure, joy and memories for life (we also offer sawdust).

Dansen (the Dance)

Dansen (the dance) arranges the nightclub at Borgen during the carnival days! You may remember from the carnival song 2014 - "everyone dances, Borgen shakes", we are the ones who make it so! We are a large section so there is really a place for everyone, and we make sure that the more than 2000 guests per night have a lot of fun and feel safe and comfortable in what probably is Sweden's largest nightclub. The ambition is that the castle will need to be renovated again after our ravaging!

The roles in Dansen all have to do with club feeling and good vibes! For example, we have several dance floor managers and bar managers. We also have a good technology and music group that makes sure we have awesome DJs and sound/light, as well as a “We-ery” group that makes sure that all dancers feel connected and belonging and have a hell of a lot of fun!

The Economy Section

Lundakarnevalen is the biggest thing that happens every four years and then it requires cash and a robust handling of these! The finance section solves the central finances within the carnival and assists all sections' finance managers with what they may need. We handle all logistics around payment solutions, cash register systems and the development of our own currency Karnedal. In addition, we collaborate with all CFOs with ongoing performance reporting so that during the carnival weekend we will always have full control of the carnival as a whole. If you are eager to hang out with a small group that works in financial matters with many parts of the business, this is the place to look!

For the management team, we are looking for the following four positions of responsibility: Accounting Manager, Cash and Logistics Manager, Security Manager and “We-ery” and Communications Manager.

The Entrance Section

A pretty self-explanatory but oh so fun section! We will take care of everyone as it now looks like eight entrances during the carnival. This will then be the guest's first meeting with the carnival area and it will then be our mission to make everyone feel as welcome as possible! Our vision is great and we want to thematize the different entrances under the theme catastrophic so that no entrance should be the same as the other.

For the management team, we are looking for creative enthusiasts and in addition to the mandatory Vice President, Security Manager, Finance Manager, Communications Manager and Environmental Manager, there will be a Decor Manager and Operations Manager. The decor manager will keep the design of the entrances and the operations manager plans the logistics for the carnival days.

Fabriken (The Factory)

At Fabriken, we work hard to make the carnival area as beautiful and stable as possible! Bars, sheds and above all all carriages for the big carnival parade are being built here! In the area we also have a tailor and a make-up artist. Our large area has room for many, so we make sure it's fun to hang out here no matter which section one comes from!

We need handy and creative people who can handle tools and all kinds of materials. Of course, we also want experts in finance, security and a group that makes sure that we all have a really fun time together by planning events, meetings and other fun!

The Film Section

We are the section that will create a 45 minute long movie! In addition to the actual planning and production, which includes script, budget, filming and editing, we will also work with event fixes in the form of a large premiere and film screening during the carnival. If you are interested in film or just tagged on to see what a film production can look like, this is the section for you!

We have positions that include directing, production, recording logistics, finance, “we-ery”, communication, security, events and more!


Food trucks will be located in several different places in the area and serve catastrophically good food as well as karneöl (carnival beer) and karnecider (carnival cider) to all hungry and thirsty guests! In Foodtrucks you get to work with food and drink but also a lot with logistics and decor to make our trucks something really special.

Foodtrucks is looking for everything from Bar Manager and Kitchen Manager to Logistics, Finance, Communication and “We-ery” Manager!

Fontänen (the Fountain Tavern)

North of the fountain in Lundagård you will find the Krog Fontänen (the fountain tavern). Krog Fontänen will be there to contribute with an experience that guests will soon forget. Some will make a shorter stop for simpler food and drink and others will stay longer to satisfy both stomachs and throats properly and enjoy great music .. Do you want to help enrich our guests with another wonderful memory from Lundakarnevalen? And above all, are you looking forward to being involved in building a concept from the ground up that contributes to just that? Then Krog Fontänen is the right place for you!

The following seven positions will be recruited to the management team: communications manager, bar manager, kitchen manager, finance manager, “we-ery” manager, security manager and area manager. In addition to the management team, the section will consist of just under 200 carnivalists.

Kabarén (the Cabaret)

Do you laugh at things you should not? Is open-air theater something you want more of in your life? Do you want to be part of creating a show that makes grandpa make big eyes and mum to drop her chin? Then you have come to the right place! Kabarén (the cabaret) consists of a number of sketches where we push the boundaries and explore what is okay to joke about during Lundakarnevalen and what should perhaps stay in our tent.

We are looking for several different skills for Kabarén! Essencially, we need the Chief Financial Manager, the Chief Security Manager, the Chief “We-ery” Manager and the Chief Communications Manager, who will all sit on the management team. To make this Cabaret the best and most catastrophic in the history of Lundakarnevalen, we also need a director who together with a script group wants to write the script and produce the performance, and a conductor who wants to compose and lead the carnival's most prominent cabaret band. At a later stage, we will also need a wonderful group of managers who want to control things like decor, makeup, sound and light, costumes, etc.


Here at Krögeriet, we will work with three incredibly important parts of Lundakarnevalen, namely the warehouse, the Bamba (Gothenburg expression for school canteen) and the VIP. The warehouse has the important task of ensuring that no one in the area walks unwilling without a karnevöl (carnival beer). Bamban makes sure that no carnivalist goes hungry and the VIP is an area where key people and sponsors can experience the Carnival's best side.

Krögeriet is looking for those who are hungry for a developing and fun logistical challenge, kings of cooking (or willing to learn) or have fun thoughts and ideas for what a real VIP area can look like. In addition to this, we offer other fun roles in security, finance, “we-ery” and communication.


During the carnival weekend, we will run a restaurant in the heart of Lundagård with room for up to 500 guests. At Krog Kungshuset, everyone who wants to fill their stomachs with good food, drink a karnevöl (or something else good) and listen to live music gathers. Here you can do everything from shaking drinks and cooking to taking care of our own backstage, the restaurant's decor or security. If you are interested in becoming part of a great, wonderful team, this is the section for you!

The section will consist of a total of over 200 carnivalists. For the management team, we are looking for a “we-ery” manager, kitchen manager, bar manager, communications manager, security manager, area manager and finance manager.


The Lundagård section is responsible for designing the carnival area in Lundagård and nearby places to create the ultimate experience for visitors and carnivalists. The section adds color and shape to the whole area and ensures that everyone gets a share of the carnivalistic wow feeling. Lundagård handles the planning and logistics behind the actual construction of the carnival area and is also responsible for the carnival's overall environmental work.

The management team in the Lundagård section consists of Construction Manager, Environmental Manager, Electricity Manager, Map/Logistics Manager, Decor Manager, “We-ery” Manager, Finance/Communications Manager, and Security Manager.

Mediahuset (the Media House)

Here we work with the external communication for Lundakarnevalen! This means that we create material and then market it. We work with graphic design, photography and video creation, but also social media, press and sponsorship!

In addition to managerial roles for finance and “we-ery”, we have managers for design, photography, video, sponsorship and a number for communication.

The Music Section

The music is responsible for the carnival's music offerings. We hold the Big Stage and the Little Stage, where several gigs are arranged every day during the three carnival days! In addition to booking music acts and holding backstage areas for the artists, we solve everything that has to do with technology, security and logistics around the music and the stages.

The music section will consist of about 120 carnivalists. In the management team, you can be given responsibility for finances, area, security, party, “we-ery”, logistics or technology. As a carnivalist in the music section, you can try everything from acting as a driver to some of Sweden's greatest artists to rigging sounds on Lund's probably biggest stage!

Nedre kirurgen

Have you always dreamed of running a restaurant? Do you know what is required for the perfect foam crown on the beer, or what music is best suited for a light lager? Together we will run a DISASTERLY good restaurant where we serve good food, good drinks and not least good company. The restaurant needs everything from bar and kitchen staff to entrance hosts; we will design the space in the tent, menus, our backstage area and much more. It is a wonderful section with mixed tasks for all tastes. In total, we will be 200-300 carnivalists. Come and make a mess with us <33

For the management team, we are looking for a bar manager, kitchen manager, security manager, finance manager, area manager, communications manager, “we-ery” manager and environmental manager. Cheers!

Radion (the Radio Section)

Have you ever dreamed of broadcasting radio? Now is your chance! Karnevalsradion (the carnival radio) will broadcast for 72 hours non-stop in a glass cage in the middle of Lund. People will be interviewed, artists will play and technology will be rigged. Are you ready to create radio magic?

For the management team, we are looking for “We-ery” Chief, Technical Manager, Music Manager, Communications Manager, Finance Manager, Security Manager and Program Manager.

Revyn (the Revue)

An obvious item on the carnivalistic agenda! Revyn (the revue) is the performance that with its short acts entertains the audience through accurate pranksters and songs in tune. Together we will paint, sew, make up, scratch and rig before it is finally time for us to take over the University House at the end of May. In true spex spirit, we will mix creativity with humor and Carnival with catastrophic. Come along!

We will be a section of about 100 carnivalists. The management team and the cheif group include the following: director with script group and producer, managers of “we-ery”, finance, technology, security, communication, decor, sewing, make-up, choreography, program sheets, film, conductor and party masters.

Shoppen (the Shop)

We are the ones who make sure that everyone remembers the carnival every coming year after the party has ended in Lundagård. We design and sell all merchandise and if something else is to be designed graphically, we have probably had a hand in the game. But in addition to this, the shop has a great need for logistics when it comes to stock, keeping track of deliveries and making sure that the shelves in the store are always full. If you want to be part of the group that makes sure that all visitors are carnival-dressed, send your application to the Shop.

The section consists of about 300 people. In the management team, we are looking for a sales manager, a logistics and construction manager as well as a “we-ery” manager.

Showen (the Show)

Singing, music, dancing, food and maybe something to drink. Is not that what makes life worth living? Here in the show, we will create wonderful entertainment in true musical spirit with accompanying serving. Dinner and sho !! Together we will offer our guests dance and drinks accompanied by a performance characterized by musical elements and breathtaking. Here is room for everyone who thinks that entertainment is at its best with a mouth full of food and something good in the glass!

The management team will consist of CFO, “We-ery” Manager, Communications Manager, Security Manager, Party Master, Producer/Assistant Director and Director.

Smånöjerna (the Small Amusements)

More info to come.

Snaxeriet (the Snacksery)

The Snacksery of course contributes the most important thing to the carnival - snacks! There will be so much to experience during the three days that you need a break. What could not be better than a little energy replenishment in the form of popcorn, soft drinks, sausages with bread or a large cup of coffee? The snack shop will consist of approximately seven snack stalls in Lundagård with a fairly good selection!

Management groups will consist of CFO, “We-ery” Manager, Sales Manager, Logistics Manager and Design Manager!

Spexet (the Spex)

Spex - the closest you can get to the answer to the question of what you get when you mix comedy, musical and history (three societal groups that may not necessarily have much to do with each other). And where is better to have such a merger than in the Great Hall at AF-borgen? The carnival spex has up to 16,000 visitors on a weekend and is a one act spex of just over 40 minutes. Triple so fast, triple so witty! Spexet is without a doubt the audience-wise, biggest student-friendly stage performance in the carnival (did I mention 16,000 visitors?).

The management team will consist of a CFO, Communications Manager, Security Manager and “We-ery” Manager. Oh, of course! A director is needed too! Easy to forget.

Säkerhet (the Fire & Safety Section)

We in the safety section are responsible for the safety of the carnival in large and small. We take care of the carnival's fire safety, medical care, radio communication in the area, and what is called disturbances in the order, ie when something goes wrong and needs to be handled quickly! Our task is simply to enable the other sections to come up with all kinds of crackers in an extremely safe way. No previous knowledge required, come along!

The management group includes, in addition to the Head of Section and Deputy Head, Fire Chief, Head of Operations, Head of Co-operation (responsible for radio communication), “We-ery” Head, Head of Communications and Finance, Mayor and Carnival Chief Physician.

Tombolan (the Tombola)

We will create 8-10 gaming booths located in Lundagård where visitors can have an incredible gaming experience. The theme of the stalls is usually something that is in time and is relevant for this particular carnival. There is a shed for EVERYONE! The games will have the same stucco as sheds you can find in an amusement park.

The management group includes Director, Construction Manager, Area Manager, “We-ery” Manager, Communications Manager and Finance Manager.

Tåget (the Carnival Parade)

Tåget (the Carnival Parade) is a spectacle that consists of almost 30 carriage with different student-like themes. The carnival parade travels through Lund outside the carnival area itself. The carnival parade section is probably one of the oldest sections that was included from the start in 1849. In 2002 it was estimated that approximately 400,000 spectators saw the Carnival Parades's journey through Lund! It is in the parade area that the business has its beating heart with feverish work to finish all the crews to departure.

The Carnival Parade is the largest section with its approximately 800 carnivalists and in addition to management positions in finance, safety, communication and “We-ery” there are positions responsible for internal contact with carriage directors or external contact with eg orchestras. There is also a director and rail director!

Tälten (the Tenterteinment Section)

We are one of the larger sections and will fill the approximately 20 tents in the carnival area with joy, cheers and mischief. The tents can be anything from an escape room, to a large rollerblades disco or even a mischief like the tent pleasure "see paradise" where visitors went into the tent and came out on paradise street, outside the carnival area, just to walk around the area to get back to the line at the entrance again! The imagination sets the limits!

The management group includes the Safety / Environment Manager, the Communications / Administration Manager, the “We-ery” Manager, the Finance Manager and the Tent Directors, who are responsible for acting as an intermediary between the management team and the tent managers.

Vieriet (the “We-ery”)

You're probably wondering what "vieri" (the "we-ery") is? The short explanation is that the “We-ery” is responsible for creating the We-feeling of the carnival. Ie. create an INCREDIBLE community throughout the carnival. Are you a joy spreader like no other? Do people love? And can not get enough of creating joy? Then the “We-ery” is for you!

The “We-ery” as a section is a bit special because our business starts before most others. We will namely start already before Uppropet to create carnival. The section consists of about 120 "we-erists" who will be recruited during the autumn and who will create unforgettable memories for all other carnivalists in the carnival. We do this by spreading joy during the days of Uppropet, Karneveljen, Karnebalen and a variety of other fun events during the spring.

Övre kirurgen

Has your highest wish in life also always been to run Lund's best bar under the stars? Do you perhaps have a hard time finding your favorite between Lenoteket and Kyrkogatan 5? Do you happen to think that there is a lack of a carnivalistic beer places in our city? Do not fear! At the restaurant Övre Kirugen, our main focus will be to serve the carnival's most exciting wine and funniest beer to all visitors! It will be a cozy beer garden, an eye-catching wine bar and more pleasures! Of course, food is also served, but most of it is meant to complement the drink in an outstanding way! We will place great emphasis on the right purchase, create an absolutely wonderful magical environment to cuddle in (maybe both with music and entertainment?) and otherwise be very innovative! The plans for karnevin (carneval wine), for example, have already been launched!

For the management team, we are looking for a bar manager, carnival wine manager, kitchen manager, security manager, finance manager, area manager, communications manager and “We-ery” manager. Cheers!

Katastrofalkarneval 2022

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