Lundakarnevalen is growing - come along!

Management groups are wanted

We are looking for you who want a management position during Lundakarnevalen! Since all sections within Lundakarnevalen have different focuses, there are great opportunities to come up with lots of different fun within management groups and other management group positions. More information about this under the tab "about the sections" at the top of the page. If you have specific questions, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will do everything to answer your questions!


Lundakarnevalen is held every four years and is arranged by Lund students. During the latest Lundakarneval, more than 5,000 students volunteered to build up the carnival carnival for more than 400,000 visitors who came during the days. During the carnival days, Lundagård is transformed into a large carnival area with tent entertainment, raffle booths, student spex, radio broadcasts, artists and of course food and drink. In addition, the carnival train goes through the streets of Lund and spreads carnivalistic joy to all about 400,000 visitors.

1849 is said to be the year when the first officially organized Lund Carnival took place. A happy group of students celebrated spring by hosting a Småland peasant wedding in the form of a carnival procession. They marched from Smålands to what is today Ulrikedals Pizzeria. The students thought the invention was so phenomenally fun that they decided to repeat the train the following year. And the following year, and again and so on - the rest is history! Since 1894, Lundakarnevalen began to be celebrated every four years, when during the previous year's Lund Carnival it became a bit much of a good thing.

The themes of the carnivals have since 1954 ended on "-al" with the exception of the carnivals of 1978, 1982 and 2010. The 2022 carnival theme will be Katastrofalkarneval (Disaster Carnival)! Sometimes things do not turn out quite as planned, in everyday life, at school and in other contexts. Lundakarnevalen 2022 will celebrate these misunderstandings, fads and piano trampling. We think that all occasions in life are worth celebrating and in Lundakarnevalen 2022 we will do it together.


Do you want to know more?

Do you have ideas or thoughts about Lundakarnevalen? Feel free to contact us! You can contact us in the committee according to the information below:

Jakob Elofsson
Moa Johansson
Theodor Blom
Jonathan Jademyr Zazzi
Press- och sponschef
Emil Fredberg
Mathilda Helander
Wilhelm Åkerman
Ella Sjöbeck
Tåg- och tältchef
Agnes Ekfors Elvin
Björn Kristensson
Freja Davidsson Bremborg
Ludvig Bodelsson