Thank you! Over 5000 registered Karnevalists!

What is Uppropet?

It’s when you’ll be able to meet all the sections and and register to become a part of Lundakarnevalen! Since a lot of people want to join, Uppropet also turns out to be a huge, fun, queue!’

One year ago, thirteen people were chosen to become the carnival committee and to create yet another fantastic Lundakarnevalen. Since then we’ve slowly grown with different positions of responsibility, heads of section, heads of communication and many, many more!

Now we want YOU to join our Karnevalistic crew!

Uppropet is on its own “just” a roll-call. But it’s also the start of Lundakarnevalen!



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If you are unable to attend Uppropet

  1. Download the app or go to and register
  2. Print a proxy and sign it. You’ll find a link to a proxy template further down.
  3. Find a friend who’ll queue who isn’t already carrying a proxy, only one proxy per person! If you know someone who’s already a part of Lundakarnevalen you can ask them as well.
  4. Give them your proxy document and a copy of your Studentlund membership card + your ID/Passport (a scanned image of your ID is OK).
  5. When you’ve been registered on site it’s important that you open the app and rank the sections. Your choice will be locked in by 12pm the same day (sunday 4 feb)!
  6. During the weeks following the upprop, make your way to the Karneval information desk to take a picture for your Karnevalist-ID.