The Parade

The Karneval Parade

The karneval parade is the biggest and absolute oldest tradition in Lundakarnevalen, a several km long parade filled with celebration, joy and humor! The parade will leave north of Lundagård at 1 PM during Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 May. With its 20 carriages plus intermediate crew it will take a little more than two hours for it to make its turn counterclockwise through Lund!

The karneval parade has a new course for the first time. Because of the work on the new tram route we will turn south at Allhelgonakyrkan this year, take Bredgatan and s:t Petri Kyrkogata down to Clemenstorget, instead of walking along s:t Laurentiigatan.

See you there!

Map showing the route of the parade

Route is shown in pink, karneval area in purple


The parade start just north of Lundagard at 1 PM both saturday and sunday the 19th-20th of May. It takes around two hours for the parade to make it's way (counterclockwise) around Lund!

See the parade

If the weather is on our side the number of people attending quickly grows so it's better to arrive early if you want to secure a spot! HERE

Lighter snacks and drinks will be sold alongside the parade.


Lundakarnevalen is so much more than just a parade! Inside the karneval area you find world famous artists, amazing food, entertainment and party.

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