Long Live Lundakarnevalen!

Lundakarnevalen is a quadrennial carnival arranged by the students of Lund. Lund University Student Unions are the head/the mandators of Lundakarnevalen. Lundakarnevalen is also a recognized student association of the Academic Society. During the last Lundakarnevalen more than 5000 students volunteered to build the carnival of all carnivals with around 400 000 visitors during the carnival weekend. During the days of Lundakarnevalen, all of Lund transforms into an area filled with festivities such as “tentertainments”, game stands, humoristic student plays, radio broadcasting and of course beverages and food. Also, there is a carnival parade marching through the streets of Lund, spreading karnevalistic joy to all visitors - last time estimated to approximately 400 000! The first Lundakarnevalen was arranged in 1849 and has since then entertained generations. Lundakarnevalen 2018 will be celebrated 18th to 20th of May.









Getting here

Our good friends at the municipality have made a webpage with all the information about traffic, roadblocks, parking, municpial traffic and more on their website! Check it our here:

Skånetrafiken have also made their own karneval-page with information about getting to and from Lundakarnevanlen with public transport, check it out here!

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The history of Lundakarnevalen

According to our history books, the first official Lundakarnevalen took place in 1849. A cheerful bunch of students welcomed the spring by spontaneously parading from Smålands nation to what today is knows as Ulrikedals Pizzeria.

Since the students had such a great time doing that, they decided to do it all over again the year after. And the year after that, and the year after that, aaaand so on - well, the rest is history! 50 years later, in 1894, Lundakarnevalen became a quadrennial experience, and since then we celebrate Lundakarnevalen every four years! As of 1954 al carnival themes have ended on “-al”, making them rhyme with the swedish word karneval (carnival), the only exceptions were 1978, 1982 and 2010’s carnivals.

In 2014 the very first female Karnevalsgeneral (the carnival general) was elected and made way for Lundakarnevalen 2018 and this year’s Karnevalsgeneral Freja Davidsson Bremborg! Together with the carnival committee, the heads of section and all the Karnevalists who are working passionately with preparing the most imaginal event of 2018, we are looking forward to the 18th of May!