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After months of winter darkness it’s tempting to think about the future and the up-coming spring. With spring also comes the long awaited Futuralkarneval that will be celebrated May 16-18.

Lundakarnevalen takes place every fourth year and is arranged by about 5,500 students from Lund called karnevalister. The first Lundakarneval ever was arranged 1849 and since than it has amused generations of both karnevalister and visitors. During Lundakarnevalen 2010, 80,000 persons visited the Karneval area in Lundagård and 400,000 persons watched the Karneval parade passing through the city center of Lund. Every Karneval has its unique theme and this year’s theme is Futuralkarneval. The vision of the Karneval is to create a life long Karneval feeling in all participants (visitors as well as karnevalister).

What happens during Lundakarnevalen?
Lundakarnevalen has something to offer all visitors. The Karneval area itself can be found in the heart of Lund, Lundagård. There is an area for the youngest visitors with a performance that amuses children of all ages – Barnevalen. From Stora Scenen music will be sounding from popular artists that attracts young and old alike. You can test your luck in any of the tombola shops (funfair shops with a karnevalist vintage), be entertained in any of the tent amusements (about five minutes of guaranteed laughter cramp) and attend amusement performances and enjoy food and drinks. New this year is the food- and drink area at the old Surgeon, just north of Lundgård. This will be an oasis of karnevöl and well-cooked food accompanied by artists from a small stage.

The feeling of Karneval can also be found outside the Karneval area. On Saturday and Sunday (May 17 and 18) the feature-packed Karneval parade will pass through the inner city of Lund. The Karneval parade is best described as a comedy show on wheels.